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The following is different ways to answer you quickly, on a help Center page.

Support page is public dedicated to visitors and members, All members pages, also group pages are not referenced in search engines. EXPLORER ENTREPRENEUR natively protect all your sensitive informations such as profil, photo, discussions means personal data.

We recommand visitors to become members of being the best way not missed information by Explorer Entrepreneur !


  • Why did Explorer Entrepreneur choose to be created under the EEIG status ?
    A European economic interest grouping (EEIG) is a legal entity based on European law. It was established by Council Regulation No. 2137/85 of 25 July 1985. Its objective is to facilitate transnational cooperation between enterprises. It concerns the grouping of legal persons (companies or other legal entities), under private or public law, deciding to pool resources while retaining their own legal personality. Its purpose is to facilitate or develop the economic activity of its members, to improve or increase the results of this activity, to group part of their activities while retaining their legal and economic autonomy. An EEIG has at least two European companies belonging to two different Member States. Its seat must be in the territory of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEIG, not being a company, does not necessarily have a minimum capital and does not aim to make profits for itself.
  • What measures have you taken to prevent further spread of COVID-19 ?
    We have strengthened our prevention measures as soon as the WHO recognized the epidemic: suspension of travel, strengthening measures to raise awareness of good hygiene and security practices at our sites. Since the pandemic status was decreed, we have taken the decision, for our protection and for the protection of all citizens, to generalize the home office for all our offices abroad and in Paris. "We have created a website with a member area for our customers and also our visitors".
  • How to create an Explorer Entrepreneur account ?
    Creating an account is free. This space facilitates access to your information and allows you to manage your services. To benefit from it, it's very simple: go to "Log In" at the top right of the site. Access to your personal data is secure by default, and your profile and discussions invisible on the internet.
  • How does Explorer Entrepreneur billing work ?
    Customers pay for most of our high added value services by bank transfer. On the website, these are exclusively project assistance appointments, expert appointments, dedicated mission days, conferences or specific webinars, all offered on schedule payable in advance. It is Explorer Entrepreneur who will advise you on the service to order and with us the day and / or time that should be reserved. Payment is secure, encrypted by an authorized third party, that is to say Paypal, SumUp, banking solution. We accept Carte Bleue, Visa, Visa Electron, Vpay, MasterCard, American Express.
  • What is the difference between the members ?
    All visitors who create an account on the site become a member and benefit from various information whose publication 24/7 is restricted, invisible on the internet. The clients we advise and support have more; privileged, specific information as well as access to business or private opportunities in the sectors of their interests, for the country of their choice to succeed in the project. Customers have dedicated advice.
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